What Is A Bert In Pickleball – An Amazing Shot

What Is A Bert In Pickleball – An Amazing Shot

Have you ever lost a pickleball game because your rival successfully utilized the Bert tactic against you? You may have witnessed an advanced player adopt this type of play to win a recent event.

Bert is a pickleball volley tactic that is comparable to Erne. If you want to improve your pickleball game by mastering Bert’s skill, you’ve come to the correct place!

In this article, we’ll know that what is a Bert in pickleball?

What Is A Bert In Pickleball

Consider yourself on the pickleball court, engaged in a competitive doubles match with your partner. The Bert is a move that adds a little spice to the game.

So, precisely what is Bert? It’s a little like seeing a superhero in action. In this move, one player, whose name is Bert, takes off across the court like a rocket. What is their mission? In order to arrive at their partner’s side in the blink of an eye. 

But here’s the cool part: Bert doesn’t simply run; he also makes a stunning leap above the non-volley zone.

The tough part comes afterwards. They use their paddle to volley the ball at their opponents while Bert soars into the air. Timing is crucial since it resembles a showdown in midair. 

The objective is to catch the ball at precisely the right time, giving the game a sense of surprise and skill.

Not only that, though. Bert has two options for executing this spectacular maneuver. They can either land near to the kitchen and then take their shot, or they can swat the ball while gracefully gliding around this key spot on the pickleball court.

Why Use A Bert Shot In Pickleball

In Pickleball Bert shot is used because of following reasons

  1. A Bert shot is similar to a stylish surprise move. Because they might not anticipate you to leap about and smash the ball in mid-jump, it can perplex your opponents. You may gain an advantage from that small surprise.
  2. Pickleball is a fast-paced sport, and adding a Bert shot ups the ante with exhilarating speed and excitement. It keeps the game exciting and enjoyable.
  3. Work together with your partner to execute a Bert shot successfully. They must be aware of what is coming and prepared to support you. Your doubles game can become really strong thanks to this teamwork.
  4. Utilizing a Bert shot allows you to place the ball exactly where you like. This may make it difficult for your competitors to get the ball back. It resembles a hidden weapon.
  5. A successful Bert shot can cause your opponents’ heads to spin around. They can become anxious, which could cause them to make mistakes.
  6. Pickleball is also about having a good time. A Bert shot can be compared as showcasing your abilities. It’s similar to proclaiming, “Look what I can do!”
  7. A Bert shot is simply plain enjoyable. It adds a little of adrenaline to your pickleball game and is thrilling and wonderful to pull off.

Therefore, employing a Bert shot is about more than simply winning; it’s also about enhancing the game’s excitement, collaborating with your teammates, and having fun as you play.

How To Hit A Bert In Pickleball

Hitting a Bert in pickleball is much like hitting an erne but with a little twist.

Covering The Ground:

You need to hustle right away. Consider hitting Bert to the right sideline while standing on the left side of the court. You must therefore move quickly and cross in front of your buddy. Being quick on your feet is essential.

Two Options:

Once you have traversed that ground, you have two options. If you’re feeling very bold, attempt to run past the sideline and plant your feet out of bounds before you hit the ball. 

Alternatively, you can jump over the non-volley zone and hit the ball in midair. Both approaches offer advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately, it comes down to what seems right at the time.

Speed Is Vital:

Keep in mind that the chance to pull off a Bert shot appears briefly. It appears for a brief period of time before disappearing. Be agile and prepared to strike, then.

Observe and Take Advantage: 

Your allies will have patience and acute observation. Observe your rivals carefully. When they send you a poor shot, that is your opportunity to strike. Look for those. The key to a Bert shot is to capitalize on their mistakes.

Serve Deep: 

Here’s a wise approach if you’re on the serving squad. Deep serves are made with the ball directed at the back of the court. This keeps your rivals away from the goal, giving you more time to advance towards the non-volley zone. 

When that happens, you might start looking for chances to set up a Bert shot on your partner’s side of the court.


In pickleball, the Bert shot is a thrilling and exciting move that involves a player taking off like a rocket, making a stunning leap above the non-volley zone. The objective is to catch the ball at the right time, giving the game a sense of surprise and skill. 

Bert has two options for executing this spectacular maneuver: landing near the kitchen or gracefully gliding around the key spot. This move is used to enhance the game’s excitement, collaborate with teammates, and have fun. 

To hit a Bert shot, cover the ground, choose two options: running past the sideline or jumping over the non-volley zone. Speed is vital, and observe and capitalize on your opponents’ mistakes. 

Deep serves are a wise approach, keeping your opponents away from the goal, allowing you to set up a Bert shot on your partner’s side of the court.


What does OPA mean in pickleball?

In pickleball, “OPA” doesn’t have a specific meaning or acronym associated with the game.

What is a dill in pickleball?

In pickleball, a “dill” is not a recognized term or concept in the sport.

What is the ball in pickleball called?

The ball used in pickleball is simply called a “pickleball.” It’s a unique type of ball designed for the game, typically made of plastic with holes, resembling a wiffle ball.

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