How To Make A Pickleball Paddle – Ultimate Step Guide

How To Make A Pickleball Paddle – Ultimate Step Guide

Pickleball has gained so much importance in recent years. It is a game of health and fun. In the beginning, it was developed for children, but over time, older folks began to enjoy it as well. It can be played in singles and doubles both. 

In pickleball you must have a ball and paddle. Paddles are the most important equipment in pickleball as well as ball. There are so many varieties of pickleball paddles available in the market. 

Here is a guide on how to make a pickleball paddle which guides you with every basic step.

How To Make A Pickleball Paddle

A modified ping pong paddle served as the first pickleball paddle. Because they frequently broke while being used, these weren’t very good for the game.

Soon, creative gamers started crafting their own wooden paddles. These paddles immediately gained popularity since they were bigger and thicker than ping pong paddles. They provided better strength and endurance.

The pickleball paddle was created through innovation and was first used in Boeing aircraft. A more lightweight, strong paddle with edge protectors and honeycomb cores was invented by Arlen Paranto. Today’s paddles come with a variety of surface and core materials, making it difficult to choose.

You can make your own pickleball paddle with these easy steps. You just need some materials and tools to make your own pickleball paddle.

Template Selection

First you need to choose a template for your paddle, you can get it on pickleball central or you can design your own. If you have some specific requirements then you can design it on your own. 

In addition to all this, you need to follow some IPF pickleball paddle standards. The dimensions of the IPF include measurements of 15 ¾’’ long and 8’’ wide. The total of the paddle shouldn’t exceed 24’’.

Square shape is best for the paddle. It is the most balanced one that provides more surface area to the paddle top. 

Choose The Material

After the template selection, you need to choose the material. To create pickleball paddle, you can use different materials like:

  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminum
  • Honeycomb
  • Graphite
  • Nomex

If you have a low budget then you can go for wood. But if you have no limits of budget then you can go for other materials which provide more gaming flexibility. 

When you have chosen your material then you should take care of the thickness of the paddle. The standard thickness of the pickleball paddle is 3/4 . 

Template Attachment

Once you have selected the template and choose the construction material. Now it’s time to attach the template on the construction material. 

You can trace the template on the construction material with pencil or you can attach the template with glue or adhesive material.

Paddle Cutting 

Following the attachment of the template to the construction material, the paddle must be cut according to the template’s guidelines. 

You can use anything you have that can cut the construction material. 


Sanding your paddle is necessary before applying adhesive remover, soaking it in water, or removing template attachments. After cutting, it is advised to sand the face, edges, and handle with a sander or by hand. 

For flat surfaces, sanding blocks are advised to avoid sharp edges and obstruct shots. The surface shouldn’t be any rougher than 40 m peak-to-valley, however using plywood would make this criteria challenging to satisfy. 

Since the paddle is unlikely to be used in competitions, sanding is also crucial for a polished appearance.

Paddle Designing

You might consider or choose a design for your paddle once everything is in order. 

Starting with

  • Painting 
  • Choose models, 
  • Designs, 
  • Graphics, 
  • Stickers, 

to make your paddle appear beautiful and appealing.

Handle Grip

You may use a piece of wood or an old hockey stick to make a great handle. 

  • Create a groove in the paddle handle
  • Cut the handle material to the necessary dimensions, and 
  • Connect it using wood glue or screws. 
  • Add finishing supplies like tennis tape, hockey tape, or duct tape for a competitive game that solely awards bragging rights. 

An alternative is to use a conventional template, glue foam or wood to the handle, and then finish the handle with a tennis grip.


A modified ping pong paddle that became popular because of its bigger size and thickness was the original pickleball paddle. Wooden paddles, which offered greater strength and endurance, were made by crafty pickleball court gamers. A sturdy, lightweight paddle with edge guards and honeycomb cores was created by Arlen Paranto. It can be challenging to find the proper paddle today because they are available with different surface and core materials.

Follow the IPF pickleball paddle specifications, which call for a paddle to be 15 34″ long and 8″ wide, while making a paddle for pickleball. The optimum design is square because it gives the paddle top greater surface area. Pickleball paddles can be made out of materials such wood, fiberglass, aluminum, honeycomb, graphite, and nomex.

Using a pencil, glue, or other adhesive material, adhere the template to the construction material after choosing the template and construction material.

Using a sander or by hand, sand the paddle’s face, edges, and handle after cutting it out in accordance with the template’s instructions. The surface should only be sanded to a roughness of 40 m peak-to-valley because plywood may make this requirement difficult.

Design the paddle to make it attractive and beautiful by selecting models, designs, graphics, and stickers. Making a groove in the paddle handle, cutting the handle material to the required sizes, and attaching it with screws or wood glue. For a competitive game, finish the handle using finishing materials like tennis tape, hockey tape, or duct tape.


Can you make your own pickleball paddles?

Yes, you can make your own pickleball paddles. You can make pickleball paddles with wood, nomex, aluminum etc.

What is the hand strength for pickleball?

You can add power to a pickleball paddle by making grip pressure range from three to five while playing pickleball on a scale of one to ten.

How do you determine the weight of a pickleball paddle?

The pickleball paddles that balance paddle speed, control, and power are called midweight paddles and weigh between 7.3 and 8.3 ounces. 

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