Playtime Pickleball Scheduler: The Complete Guide To Get Things Done

Playtime Pickleball Scheduler: The Complete Guide To Get Things Done

Are you tired of the hassle of coordinating pickleball games? Use this playtime pickleball scheduler for pickleball. With this user-friendly tool, you can effortlessly schedule and manage your pickleball playtime. No more back-and-forth messaging or confusion about availability.

This scheduler streamlines the process, allowing you to focus on what you love most – playing pickleball! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Playtime pickleball Scheduler is designed to meet your needs. With its intuitive interface and convenient features, you can easily create and update your playing schedule, invite friends to join, and even receive notifications for upcoming games.

In this article, you will get to know everything about playtime pickleball scheduler for pickleball.

Key Takeaways

  • Playtime Scheduler for Pickleball saves time and effort in coordinating games.
  • It ensures fairness and equality among players.
  • The scheduler provides accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • It simplifies the scheduling process and offers convenience and flexibility to schedule playtime on your own terms.

Playtime Scheduler for Pickleball

The best playtime scheduler for pickleball is the easiest way to ensure you get your game on! With the playtime scheduler for pickleball, you can easily organize your matches and never miss a game again. It takes the hassle out of coordinating with others and gives you more time to focus on playing.

One important feature of the playtime pickleball scheduler is the starting score of a doubles pickleball game. It allows you to set the starting score for each game, so you can jump right into the action without any confusion. Whether you prefer to start at 0-0 or 2-2, the playtime scheduler has you covered.

Using the playtime scheduler for pickleball is simple and user-friendly. Just sign up for an account, create your profile, and start scheduling your games. You can easily add players, specify the time and location, and even set reminders for yourself. The playtime scheduler also has a waitlist feature, so if a game is full, you can join the waitlist and be notified if a spot opens up.

Now that you know how easy it is to use the playtime scheduler for Indoor pickleball, you can start organizing your games with ease. No more back-and-forth messaging or missed opportunities to play. The playtime scheduler is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your pickleball experience.

How to Use Playtime Scheduler for Pickleball

Discover how you can effortlessly organize your pickleball sessions and maximize your playing time with Playtime pickleball Scheduler. This free app is available for download and offers a simple and efficient way to schedule your games and keep track of your playing time.

1.  How to create an account

The accounts are divided into three tiers. Power, Free, and Premium. We advise you to begin with the Free account and determine whether you require the features of the paid versions after using it for a while.

Click “REGISTER” after visiting the PTS WEBSITE to register. Please be aware that configuring your account is crucial once you have finished registration.


Enter your Country, State, and City on the next three windows. This will take you to the page where you can fill in all of your personal details. Inputting your skill level and gender is crucial as it facilitates the matching of players with similar ability levels. Additionally, it is strongly advised that you select “YES” to start getting email notifications.


The message below will appear once you save the aforementioned page. This serves as a reminder that PTS has no connections to other systems and only assists you in finding and scheduling players. It does not reserve courts. You haven’t finished yet. Go to the next section on account configuration before using PTS.

2.  How to configure your account

  • Open your account by logging in: WEBSITE PTS
  • Select My Account.

When you select My Account, the screen below will appear. There are FOUR tabs at the top. Examine each option and adjust the parameters to suit your requirements.  Refer to the following section for information on some of the most crucial settings.

PTS Configuration

3.  Key Settings to Configure

My Profile Tab

  • When you are in between X.0 and X.5, the Skill Level setting allows for.25/.75 levels.
  • People won’t be able to invite you if you don’t tick the option that says, “Allow others to search for me when creating invite-only sessions.”

Emails Tab

  • The default is to check every item. Though there could be some you want to turn off, this is a smart idea. Uncheck the days of the week and times, such Monday evenings, when you don’t wish to play.
  • About sessions within X miles of your zip code, send me an email.
  • If you would like to receive notifications for games in distant cities like Cottage Grove, Corvallis, etc., set this up.

Locations Tab

  • It is not possible to customise this screen if you are using the PTS free edition.
  • You can remove certain areas or alter the colours of each location with paid accounts

4.  How to Add a Session

You can compose a message asking for players by adding a session. Everyone who has subscribed to see the location you choose will see the message.

  • Open your account by logging in: WEBSITE PTS
  • In the calendar at the upper right corner of the window, click the ADD SESSION button.
  • Decide on a Location
  • Choose a Date
  • Choose a Time
  • Choose a Range of Skills 

Minimum Number of Players: For instance, if you’re playing singles, enter two.  In the case that you are unable to obtain four AND are willing to play a three-person game, you might wish to set this to three for doubles.

Maximum Number of Participants:  For instance, choose 2 if you’re playing singles, and 4 if you’re playing doubles.

Invite-only gathering: If you would like this to be a private session, tick this box. At least one invitee must be sent through the playtime pickleball schedular directory. This indicates that a minimum of one member of your group needs to be listed in the PTS Directory in order to use this option. 

Using the ADD GUEST option, you can manually add new participants to the session AFTER it has been created if they are not in the playtime pickleball scheduler directory.

Notes and Description: Include details about the session here. Examples include: “It might rain,” “Please bring your own balls,” and “Would you like to have lunch after the game?”

When you click the Add Session button at the bottom of the screen, an email will be sent to everyone who has subscribed to receive notifications when new sessions at the location where you are playing.

5.  How to MODIFY a Session

  • Open your account by logging in: WEBSITE PTS
  • Locate and click on the date of the previously created session in the Calendar box. It will show the screen below.

PTS Modify

You can choose which of the five RED-circled regions above to alter your session.

  1. +Add Guest: This feature lets you add a player who isn’t already in the PTS folder.
  2. Add Note: This lets you include a new note that will be shown to all players.
  3. Delete a Note: Your original note will be erased if you click the “X” to the right of it. You or another player may leave multiple notes; they will appear one after the other.
  4. Delete a Player: A player can be eliminated by clicking the “X” that appears to the right of their name. Nevertheless, the session will be erased if you remove your own name and you are the owner of the session.
  5. Edit or Cancel Session: Using this option, you can modify any field in the original Session record.

6.  How to RESPOND to another players PTS Session Request

  • There are two ways you can reply to someone who has made a record, but they both need you to log into PTS.
  • Enter PTS and look through the Calendar. After selecting a session, add your name.
  • PTS notifies you via email that there will be a session. After determining that you would want to attend, you log onto PTS, select the desired date and time, and click on the record.

In the following two scenarios:

  • Open your account by logging in: WEBSITE PTS
  • Click on the record you are interested in from the Calendar, and the screen below will open.
  • Click “+Add My Name” to join this session if you would like to play.
  • Click on the blue text that reads, “X additional notes – click to view,” to access the notes. This notification will only show up if there are new notes added.
  • Click “Add Note” to add a note of your own or to reply to one that has already been added.

Features of Playtime Scheduler for Pickleball

Using Playtime pickleball Scheduler offers several advantages that can make organizing and managing your pickleball activities a breeze.

With this tool, you can easily schedule and coordinate your playtime with other players, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Additionally, you can track your playing history and performance, allowing you to analyze your progress and make improvements.

Playtime Scheduler for Pickleball provides a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it a convenient solution for all your pickleball scheduling needs.

Advantages of using Playtime Scheduler for Pickleball

Make your pickleball experience even more enjoyable by taking advantage of the convenience and efficiency offered by Playtime pickleball Scheduler.

With this innovative tool, you can easily schedule and manage your playtime, ensuring that you never miss a game and always have someone to play with.

One of the major advantages of using Playtime Scheduler is its user-friendly interface. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, making it simple for anyone to use, regardless of their technical skills.

Additionally, Playtime Scheduler allows you to connect with other pickleball enthusiasts in your area, expanding your network and creating new opportunities for playing.

Say goodbye to the hassle of organizing your pickleball games manually and start using Playtime Scheduler today.

By utilizing this innovative tool, you can spend less time coordinating and more time enjoying the game you love.


To fully maximize your pickleball scheduler playtime and ensure a hassle-free scheduling experience, let us wrap up by summarizing the benefits and convenience of using the playtime scheduler tool.

Using the playtime scheduler for pickleball offers numerous advantages. First and foremost, it saves you time and effort. Instead of manually coordinating with other players and trying to find a suitable time for everyone, the scheduler does all the work for you. It eliminates the need for endless back-and-forth messages or phone calls, allowing you to quickly and easily schedule your playtime.

Additionally, the playtime scheduler ensures fairness and equality among players. It prevents any misunderstandings or conflicts that may arise from double bookings or overlapping schedules. With the scheduler, every player has an equal opportunity to reserve their preferred playtime, avoiding any potential disputes.

Another great benefit of the playtime scheduler is its accessibility. You can access it from anywhere, whether you’re at home, work, or on the go. All you need is an internet connection and a device, such as a smartphone or a computer. This convenience allows you to schedule your pickleball playtime whenever and wherever it suits you best.

The playtime scheduler for pickleball is a valuable tool that simplifies the process of scheduling and organizing your playtime. It saves you time, ensures fairness, and provides you with the flexibility and convenience to schedule your playtime on your own terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Playtime Scheduler for Pickleball be used for other sports or activities besides pickleball?

Yes, Playtime Scheduler for Pickleball can be used for other sports or activities besides pickleball. It provides an easy way to schedule and manage playtime, making it useful for any sport or activity that requires scheduling and coordination.

Is Playtime Scheduler for Pickleball available for both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, Playtime pickleball Scheduler for Pickleball is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can easily download it from the app store and start scheduling your playtime for pickleball right away.

Can I customize the time slots and durations in Playtime Scheduler for Pickleball?

Yes, you can easily customize the time slots and durations in Playtime pickleball Scheduler for Pickleball. With this app, you have full control over scheduling your playtime according to your preferences and availability.

Does Playtime Scheduler for Pickleball have a reminder feature to notify users of their scheduled playtime?

Yes, Playtime pickleball Scheduler for Pickleball has a reminder feature that notifies you of your scheduled playtime. It helps you stay organized and ensures you never miss a game.

Is Playtime Scheduler for Pickleball a free app or does it require a subscription?

Playtime Scheduler for Pickleball is a free app that doesn’t require a subscription. You can easily schedule and manage your playtime without any additional costs. Enjoy the convenience without any financial commitments!

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