How To Build An Indoor Pickleball Court – An Amazing Guide

How To Build An Indoor Pickleball Court – An Amazing Guide

A pickleball court is an important part of the game. Playing pickleball on a better court can be an enjoyable experience. The court can be built indoor as well as outdoor. 

If we look at the indoor pickleball court dimensions that are slightly different from outdoor court, then you can find that the court is 44 ft’ long and 20 ft’ wide. 

In this article, we will look at “how to build an indoor pickleball court” so that you can build your own indoor pickleball court and enjoy the game.

How To Build An Indoor Pickleball Court

One of the sports with the quickest growth is pickleball. Playing it is simple, social, and a lot of fun. Additionally, it’s a fantastic indoor and outdoor exercise, and it’s suitable for players of all ages because younger players can share a court with older players. 

Due to the limited number of public courts, pickleball players are finding new ways to satisfy their addiction.

It turns out that creating a court is a very common technique to increase playing time and convenience in recent years. You’re obviously pickleball-obsessed if you’re thinking of constructing a court.

There are various considerations to make if you want your own private area to play.

Basics Of Indoor Pickleball Court

If you want to construct an indoor pickleball court you have to understand some basics of indoor pickleball court. 

  • Size
  • Height of Ceiling
  • Flooring Type


According to the standard, the pickleball court must be 20 ft’ wide and 44 ft’ long. You can make it shorter or longer according to your own needs.

Height Of The Ceiling

The height of the ceiling must be 13 feet high. If you make it lower than 12 ft’ then the ball will bounce too low which creates difficulty in playing.

Type Of Flooring

To minimize the strain on your joints and feet, the court should have a cushioned surface. Commercial grade carpet is the most typical form of flooring for pickleball courts that are indoors. However, you can also use concrete, linoleum, or even a gym floor.

Flooring And Surfacing

For a pickleball court, choosing the right flooring and surface is essential for lowering injury risks. A smooth surface and soft, forgiving flooring are both desirable. 

Popular varieties of smooth flooring surface are:

  • Foam 
  • vinyl
  • rubber
  • Carpet

As you install the flooring, take measurements of the court’s size and paint or tape its limits. The court is ready for usage after the surface has been placed. 

A pleasant and secure indoor pickleball court depends on the flooring and surface choice.

Court Dimensions Measurements

You should take measurements of your court’s length and width to get started. The court should have a width of 20 feet and a length of 44 feet. Additionally, you must mark the court’s center.

The court’s perimeter must then be measured and marked. 

The boundary lines must be six feet distant from the net and parallel to it.

Last but not least, you must mark the service court. The service court should be 3 feet wide and located in the middle of the court.

Net Installation

Installing the net system and posts is the important step in building an indoor pickleball court. 

Use a drill, screwdriver, level, tape measure, and pencil to install the net system and posts. 

Purchase the net system from a sporting goods store or online. Place the posts 36 feet apart, 6 feet off the ground, and ensure the net is level. 

Attach the posts to the floor using screws or nails, depending on the floor type. 

Ensure the posts are stable and not moving to ensure a secure and functional indoor pickleball court.

Installation Of Lights And Ventilations

Lighting and ventilation are important factors to take into account while constructing an indoor pickleball court. 

Pickleball players must be able to see the ball regardless of the time of day or the weather, so the quantity of light required for clear viewing of the ball is essential. 

Additionally, ventilation is essential because pickleball is an energetic sport that produces heat and moisture, which raises the air’s humidity. For both players and spectators to be comfortable, a ventilation system that can remove these elements is necessary. 

Planning ahead can help you make sure that your indoor pickleball court is properly lit and ventilated, making it comfortable for everyone who uses it.


Pickleball is a rapidly growing sport that offers social, social, and enjoyable activities for players of all ages. To create a private indoor pickleball court, consider the following factors: size, ceiling height, flooring type, and surface choice. 

A standard indoor pickleball court should be 20 feet wide and 44 feet long, with a ceiling height of 13 feet. A cushioned surface is preferred, and popular flooring options include commercial grade carpet, concrete, linoleum, or gym floor.

Flooring and surface selection are crucial for reducing injury risks. Popular flooring options include foam, vinyl, rubber, and carpet. Measurements of the court’s length and width, center, perimeter, and service court are also essential. 

Net installation is crucial, with posts placed 36 feet apart and 6 feet off the ground. Lighting and ventilation are also crucial for a comfortable indoor pickleball court. Planning ahead ensures proper lighting and ventilation, ensuring a comfortable environment for both players and spectators.


What is the minimum ceiling height for pickleball?

The minimum ceiling height of pickleball indoor court should be between 18 to 20 feet.

Can you play pickleball in your house?

You can host your own pickleball tournament indoors or outdoors as long as you have a big enough level area.

How much room do you need to play pickleball?

Standard dimensions for converting a tennis court are 30 by 60 feet, however tournament play or independent pickleball courts should be 34 by 64 feet.

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