How Long Does A Game Of Pickleball Last?

How Long Does A Game Of Pickleball Last?


Pickleball is one of the most popular games nowadays. It can be played with friends on a beautiful afternoon indoor or outdoor court of pickleball. 

Having your whole body move while playing this game is good for your heart and your overall health. It can be fun to play this game. You should require solid mental focus while playing this game. 

A question that arises in the mind of any pickleball enthusiast is “how long does a game of pickleball last?” 

Most of the pickleball games end in about half an hour but it also depends on the type of game. 

If you want to know more about Pickleball game end time then you are on the right site, in this article we will cover everything you should know about length of time of round of pickleball game.

How Long Does A Game Of Pickleball Last? Standard Time:

In a pickleball match you have to score 11 points. The game will end when one team scores 11 points. If all players have similar skill sets then the game usually ends in 15  to 20 minutes. However some games need more time as more points need to be scored.

In this game players need to be on equal footing with one another, otherwise it can take longer than usual.

If the game is played with honesty, both teams can reach 11 points. That means the game will continue until one team scores 2 points extra from the other team. E.g. If team A and B scores 11 points then team B scores 12 points then the game isn’t over yet until team B scores 13 points.

The time of the game may vary depending on the level of game and no. of players. Games may last for an hour or two in singles matches while in doubles matches the games may finish earlier. 

How Many Rounds Are In A Match Of Pickleball?

According to official pickleball rules a pickleball match will consist of three rounds. It also depends on the level of the game. In singles matches there will be 3 rounds while in doubles there may be up to 5 rounds. A match of pickleball could last longer than 30 minutes.

Can You Play Too Much Pickleball?

It is not surprising that this interesting and supportive game can become addictive to some folks. All ages play this game and it is also good for your body. If some say that it is not strenuous on the joints and muscles then it will not be surprising. If someone is enjoying the game and having social talks during the game then they can easily lose track of time. 

Everyone must know that overdoing it is not good for health. You must be aware of the after effects of every action.

Always keep your body in a balance. Balance is a key to good health. Listen to your body and seek alternative sessions on rest days. 

Playing pickleball during injury or sickness may be harmful for your health. Always schedule time to rest and recover. Let’s look at some cons of over playing:

  1. Exhaustion or burnout due to not resting during hours playing.
  2. Dehydration due to not drinking water during playing.
  3. Pickleball elbow
  4. Lower back problems
  5. Shoulder Issues

How Much Time Takes In A Pickleball Tournament?

Most pickleball tournaments last from 50 to 70 minutes. It may take an hour in the singles play, as the tournaments are more serious matches. In pickleball tournaments there are pickleball professional players that are going to compete as pickleball champions.

The whole tournament time length may be much longer as there are many teams which participate in the tournament. 

In a tournament, teams have to complete sets of 11 games. While the divisions have separated a pickleball tournament on the basis of ages, skills and genders, it doesn’t affect the length of the game. The length depends on the competing players in how much time they compete with their competitors. They have to complete it in 50-70 minutes, some may complete sooner. 

Factors That Play Important Role In Deciding Time Of Game

Playing Outdoor Pickleball VS Indoor Pickleball:

Playing outdoor pickleball affects the length of the game under some factors like wind and heat.

If you are playing outdoors then due to heat and humidity you may exhaust and it will affect the game that results in a longer time of game.

Another factor is wind. If there is wind while playing then the ball flies for both teams and makes it difficult to score in pickleball, which results in a longer game. 

Pickleball Game’s Velocity:

A player’s skill along with his age plays an important role in the pickleball game time length. If a player is old and has excellent skills he will finish the game sooner although playing with an unskilled young player. 

Single VS Double:

An answer to the question how long does a game of pickleball last also depends on the factor named single vs double. 

If you are playing a pickleball game in singles then it lasts for more time while in doubles it lasts sooner.


Pickleball games usually last 15-30 minutes. It depends on many factors like single vs double, Singles matches may last for an hour while doubles matches end sooner than singles. Someone who enjoys playing may lose track of time and keep playing for several hours. Tournaments of the pickleball lasts in 50-70 minutes with the sets of 11 games. Velocity, indoor and outdoor also affect the timings of the matches.


How many sets is a pickleball game?

It usually consists of three sets with a score of 11 points for each set.

How long is pickleball timeout?

Mostly 1 minute timeout of pickleball is given to provide plates with a break to catch their breath.

Can a pickleball game be played to 11, 15 or 21?

Yes, Pickleball games can be played up to 11, 15, or 21 points, depending on the rules agreed upon by players or tournament authority.

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