What Do You Wear To Play Pickleball – A Complete Guide

What Do You Wear To Play Pickleball – A Complete Guide

Picking the appropriate gear is essential for comfort and performance when playing pickleball. What you wear on the court counts whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete. 

Pickleball attire shouldn’t simply look good; it should also be comfortable so you can move freely and play at your best. 

In this article, we’ll go through all the things that you want to know about What do you wear to play pickleball.

What Do You Wear To Play Pickleball

In order to succeed on the pickleball court, pay attention to comfort and utility. Pick a shirt that wicks away perspiration, athletic shorts or skorts, cushioned socks, and support- and grip-enhancing pickleball shoes. 

Wear protective eyeglasses, a quality visor or cap, sweatbands to keep your hands dry, and other smart accessories. In order to appear excellent on the court and feel confident and prepared to take on any challenge, strike the correct mix between style and usefulness. 

Keep in mind to present yourself in a winning pickleball mood.

Wear Lightweight Clothes

Wear comfortable, light gear that helps you play better pickleball by reducing perspiration and discomfort. Pick skirts or shorts that will drain away moisture so you may stay dry and comfortable during intense rallies. 

These clothes let your skin breathe, which keeps you from feeling sticky or unpleasant during intense matches. Even under stressful circumstances, these materials help you maintain composure and coolness. 

When preparing for your upcoming pickleball excursion, go for lightweight attire that prioritizes comfort and performance. It’s your secret weapon for looking and feeling your best as you rule the court with elegance and style. 

Get into your lightweight pickleball attire and get ready to play with all your heart while being calm and collected.

Headwear For Sun Protection

Here are some reasons why you should wear a cap or visor when you enter the pickleball court: 

  • It serves as your reliable defense from the sun’s unrelenting rays. 
  • Your headgear will help you maintain focused attention and clear eyesight as you participate in exciting rallies and chase those quick shots. 
  • Not only does it shield you from the sun so you can track the ball with accuracy, but it also acts as a sweat-resisting ally to make sure that annoying drips never block your vision. 
  • The correct cap or visor will allow you to enjoy the game without being distracted by the glare of the sun or perspiration. 

Proper Eyewear

Pickleball requires you to wear eye protection at all times. The tempo of the game may be quick, and those pickleballs can move quickly. 

Making the same investment in a high-quality pair of sunglasses or protective eyewear like pickleball legends Mary and Maggie Brascia from Selkirk is a game-changer. These eyewear solutions serve as a crucial barrier against potential impacts in addition to protecting your eyes from the blazing sun, enhancing vision, and decreasing glare. 

Having the proper eyewear guarantees that your eyes stay safe and on the game when unintentional hits occur during a match. Therefore, whether you play pickleball recreationally or competitively, protecting your eyes with the right eyewear is a wise choice that keeps you in the game and prepared to handle any challenge the court may present.

Must Wear Pickleball Shoe

On the court, pickleball shoes are a game-changer since they provide a number of advantages that can improve your performance and keep you at ease throughout your matches. 

Here are some good reasons to buy a quality pair of pickleball shoes:

  • Improved Grip: Specialized soles offer outstanding court grip for assured movements.
  • Support and Stability: During quick direction changes, ankle support lowers the chance of injury.
  • Comfortable Cushioning: Materials that absorb shock keep feet comfy and cut down on tiredness.
  • Breathability: To keep feet cool and dry, many shoes use breathable fabrics.
  • Durability: Created to resist the demands of pickleball, assuring lasting performance.
  • Performance Improvement: Increased responsiveness and agility for a competitive edge.
  • Injury Prevention: Wear the appropriate footwear to lower your risk of common pickleball-related injuries.


Wearing wicking-away shirts, athletic shorts or skorts, cushioned socks, and support- and grip-improving pickleball shoes will help you succeed on the court. A winning pickleball mindset requires protective eyewear, a high-quality visor or cap, sweatbands, and other shrewd gear. 

Lightweight clothing helps to lessen perspiration and discomfort, while sun protection headgear offers dependable protection from the sun’s rays while assisting with concentration during rallies. Proper eye protection, as that worn by pickleball royalty Mary and Maggie Brascia, improves eyesight, lessens glare, and protects eyes from potential injuries. 

Pickleball shoes have many benefits, including enhanced grip, stability and support, plush cushioning, breathability, durability, greater performance, and injury prevention. Purchasing these necessary goods will help you stay centered and prepared to tackle any challenge the game may present.


What shoes do you wear for pickleball?

Pickleball enthusiasts typically wear court-specific athletic shoes designed for the game.

Do you have to wear white for pickleball?

No need to stick to white attire in pickleball; you have the freedom to wear any color you like.

Do pickleball clothes matter?

Indeed, the right pickleball clothing makes a difference by ensuring you’re comfortable, mobile, and dry on the court, ultimately improving your game.

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